Experience Bambo

the musician who invites you to travel !

Originally from the Liège region of Belgium, Bambo discovered music from an early age. As a child, he marveled listening to his father play guitar, scratching with him, when he didn't enjoy a few vinyls by his side. When he received his first guitar at the age of 6, it was a revelation ! The young composer never left music again. He starts writing in his corner and doesn't stop. It's decided, he'll dedicate his life to it ! In 2015, proud of his musical motivation, Bambo begins with jams in his region. Every opportunity is good to hone his experience and make himself known. It is his passion, his most precious wish. One day, an opportunity to take the stage in Berlin presents itself. He's going to perform there !

His music is inspired by Mills Brothers, Blur, War on drugs and Joni Mitchell. Several genres mingle to shape a unique musical personality. Rock swings of the 50s, folk, singular doo-wop, not to mention a touch of blues and swing. Armed with his faithful resonator guitar, Bambo develops sounds that are sometimes soft and sensitive, sometimes more rhythmic and profound. The important thing is the colorful groove that one feels, which invites to dance. But Bambo also includes everything that constitutes the subtlety of his music, through contrasts, industrial sounds, unexpected percussion or choruses, depending on the desire. Always a pinch of personal originality. And since nothing beats authenticity, Bambo also likes to return to the simplest, accompanying his guitar with his voice. His words then transport listeners through touching stories of life, through those moments that we do not wish to forget for anything in the world, or those that reach us deep within the soul. Deep emotions and feelings !

Bambo also enjoys sharing good times with his audience. He enjoys the exchanges after the scene. The smile of the spectators he accompanies on a musical journey touches him intimately. He always offers his audience the leisure to escape in the distance with him, wandering the waves of his music, traveling by zapping the daily life for a few minutes. Bambo hopes to soon develop more choreography, dance and combine different visual techniques with his art. He also wants to travel to Europe and the world, in order to discover new cultures that will enrich his music, at the same time as he will discover his personality. Germany, Holland, France, Croatia, Estonia... why not as far as Mexico. After all, as he puts it so well: "Music is a universal language"

Point actu : Proud of his early notoriety, Bambo is currently recording his first single : "Dancing with the moon", a track that invites you to travel ! The release is expected to take place in autumn 2019. Concerts in Liège are also in preparation.